Why does my Intellifire Touch Screen Remote not respond?

If you are experiencing issues with your remote, you may be able to take some simple steps to try to fix it.

Before performing any of the steps mentioned in this article:

  • Make sure your fireplace has been off for at least 30 minutes.
  • Be in the same room as your hearth product.
  • Have a set of new, name-brand Alkaline batteries ready.

If the remote screen is off, blank, and does not respond to touch inputs:

  1. Verify the batteries are installed in the correct orientation.
  2. If batteries are installed correctly, they may be depleted and need to be replaced.

If the remote screen is on, blank, does not respond to touch inputs, and has a steady beep:

The Intellifire Touch Screen Remote is a high-tech device that require strong current and correct voltage from its batteries. The remote will only function with high-amperage, 1.5V AAA Batteries. Typically, Carbon-Zinc, Lithium, and low-quality Alkaline batteries will cause this screen condition.

Install name-brand, non-expired Alkaline Batteries (i.e. Duracell, Energizer).

If remote screen is on with menu, but does not respond to touch input:

The remote is equipped with a child-lock located underneath the battery cover. If there is a closed lock icon on the main screen, remove the battery cover and flip the child-lock switch.

If your remote still doesn’t work:

  • (link) Reset your Intellifire Fireplace Module
  • (link) Resync your Intellifire Remote

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